• Weight: 16.6 tonne (18.3 UST)
  • Transport Width: 2.56M (8’7″)
  • Transport Length: 16.8M (55’1″)
  • Transport Height: 3.3M (10″10′)
  • Working Width: 2.56M (8’7″)
  • Working Length: 21.95M (72′)
  • Working Height: 9.4M (30’9″)


  • Weight: 31.54 tonne (35.27UST)
  • Transport Width: 2.56M (8’7″)
  • Transport Length: 21.4M (70’3″)
  • Transport Height: 3.6M (11’9″)
  • Working Width: 2.56M (8’7″)
  • Working Length: 28.4M (90’2″)
  • Working Height: 13.4M (43’10”)
  • Introduction

    The EDGE FTS is a robust, high capacity hopper feeder that is suited for the most demanding of applications, in the harshest of environments. Available with various hopper capacities, discharge conveyors from 30ft to 90ft, various power-source options and an infinite number of add on options; the feeder stacker range is arguably EDGE Innovate’s most versatile product.


  • Can accept loads directly from excavator, wheel loader, crushers or screener
  • Eliminates the need for double handling of material, reducing labour and maintenance costs
  • Impressive stockpiling rates from 100 -1000+ tonnes per hour
  • Variable speed belt feeder to ensure efficient material transfer from hopper to discharge conveyor
  • Improved material quality by reduced compaction, degradation, segregation and contamination
  • Various hopper options and capacities depending on operators loading method or application
  • Discharge heights of up to 13.4m (43’10)
  • Conical stockpile capacity of up to 4030m³ (5271 yds³)

  • Discharge conveyor lengths from 9-27m (30-90’)
  • Power-source options: Diesel/Hydraulic, Electric/Hydraulic, Dual Power, Direct Electric, Diesel Genset
  • Hydraulic / manual tipping grid
  • Two deck vibrating grid with remote tipping
  • Shredder unit
  • Over-band magnet
  • Remote stop/start feeder
  • Feed and discharge conveyor widths from 40” to 48”
  • Complete remote functionality
  • Remote tracking
  • Rubber or steel plate tracks
  • Fold down head section for barge/train wagon loading
  • Radial jack legs to enable radial stockpiling.
  • Various hopper liners
  • Hopper crash box
  • Hopper extensions
  • Full , 1/2 and quarter length rubber conveyor skirting available
  • Various belt types and plys available
  • Variable speed discharge conveyor